Approximately 20 years ago I started to work professionally in this business.

Four years determined Fashion-and Beauty-Shootings as well as catwalk nationwide, as well as internationally my life. I have never lost the passion for photograph and fashion and acted during the last years as a sideline repeats for advertising campaigns.

Since January, 2016 I am professional once more as a model, with priority for the areas Fashion/Beauty, Lifestyle, Curvy and People actively. The catwalk also belongs to my areas of application.

Meanwhile I also work successfully as a actress and presenter for advertisement, film and television.

You find my topical vita, references as well as also videos and vocal tests on these subjects on the following sides, as well as also my own image film and a choice in photographs from various shootings.

The “Making-of” photos which have developed during the shootings for big campaigns or with film trick I have published on my Fanpage on Facebook.

I love my activity as a model and actress and this is also reflected in the quality of my work and the passion for perfection again.

Height: 1,71 m
Weight: 72 kg
Chest: 99
Waist size: 86
Hips: 99
Ready made: 40 – 42
Bra size: 80 – 85B
Shoe size: 39
Eye Color braun
Hair color: blond/braun
Jean size: 29 – 30/30

I wear tattoos in the shoulder area at the back, leftshoulder (small tribal) as well as in the lower back area (also tribal). Theyare not directly visible and concealable. Permanent make-up adorn my eyes andlips.


Testimonials Customer

That's what clients say about me

Thanks for the support in the Produktionsshoot in cooling spring. Above all I have liked the likeable Closeups, but also with the “girl’s photos” with ice food and coffee drinking have become excellent. There one notices your experience and the feel for how advertising photograph functions.

Karl Dreyer

Yvonn is a professional model.
quick and exact communication
perfect Shooting preparation
uncomplicated and quiet contact during the admissions
reacts fast and exactly to stage directions.

N.A. Röder

The work with Yvonn is very professional and always connected with fun. She comes always very well prepared to the set. In addition can empathize you wonderfully with the different situations or emotions of our given subject lists and you well moved. We have just our 4th cooperation behind ourselves and the customer is enthusiastically from the results. I simply work very much with pleasure with her and can only recommend them. It will not have been anyway the last Shooting.

Christin Klose, dpa Hamburg

Dynamically, how a hurricane. Yvonn takes seriously a Shooting very much. If detail looks after everything down to the last detail. Is professional, besides, punctual and 100% there.

Michael Bley

Yvonn has been working for a long time in the model business. This routine is remembered. She arrives punctually to the named place and has no problems at the reception after the interlocutor to ask.This important to mention, as in Berlin and Bonn most models are overburdened to enter a business building, to introduce themselves and to ask for the contact person. Yvonn came well prepared for the event. Her portfolio with the photos was of high quality.Everything made a good and professional impression. These were good starting conditions. She had the wardrobe as desired. We’ve spotted them and selected them for the upcoming shootings. There are photojournalists acting at short notice on current events.We have rather the long lines in view. This is the fact that we are dealing with the 2016/2017 year change in August 2016. At this shoot, the fine motor skills of Yvonn were particularly in demand. There were very clear instructions for head, hair, eyes, facial expressions, hands (2), fingers (5 each). Yvonn has implemented the micro motions well. We are looking forward to working with her.

Peter Gaß

Hello Yvonn, it was a great shoot with you. You were professionally prepared for our shooting. This started with our contact, first by PM’s and then with our preliminary talks on telephone. It was also great that you went to the studio to get a first impression of my studio before our actual shooting, and we could get to know each other in a personal conversation.To our actual shooting, where we had planned especially set-card photos, you are great, being already dressed up by a stylist, before you went to the studio. You had brought to the shoot a huge selection of wardrobe, from noble to sporty to lingerie,. Also from my studio fundus, you’ve picked something.You are very posite safe, and you also pay attention on good body tension at the photo shoot. So we were able to fulfill my wishes and your own ideas have contributed to a success of our shoot, so I can only thank you for this perfect shoot.I wish that you can inspire other photographers as well as me. I can recommend you to interested conscience, as you appear very punctual, reliable and well prepared for a shooting.</p> <p>Thanks again, Rainer

Rainer Olejnik

The theme “Businesswoman / Female Leadership” is one of our priorities this year. With Yvonn we had some scenes on the streets in Berlin around the Friedrichstrasse. In addition to the wardrobe, many other details had to be considered. Yvonn is well suited for such rolls. We completed our shooting plan and set scenes at several venues in different cities. When we are back in Berlin, we like to build on the first joint experiences with Yvonn. She is a good choice for serious roles representing a woman who has a standing.

Peter Gaß

In the game of the timeless – of the costume. In between. Photography, spiritual painting and acting. Sense of true noble opera costumes of past plays of an opera house. It was your stage in my humble studio in the backyard, and your performance was your own mastery of being. I think the pictures have succeeded in their own creation, the faded operatic enchantment of the noble substances to new sensory roles in the now. Looking forward to a new slant, glittering, colorful magic event.

Dietmar Ritter

The weather was nice, Yvonn had the appropriate wardrobe. So we could convert scenes to the “businesswoman in Berlin” on the streets around the Friedrichstraße. In particular, the gait, the posture of the body, the hand, the direction of sight and the statement of facial expression were important.We talked with Yvonn about these things and then implemented scenes. Many details were taken into consideration. What is the front leg? Where is the hand turned away from the camera? Is the smartphone turned on or off? Yvonn has implemented the directives well. The curious looks of passers-by have hardly irritated her. Things that can be even better for the next round have already been discussed with Yvonn. This is how it goes step by step with these topics. Then we can implement more scenes. We are looking forward to it.

Peter Gaß

You are a very professional model. We had a fashion casting together with a photo stretch. Good appearance with professional preparation for your part. Modelbook with great pictures was in good quality. But your set-card is already great.</p> <p>You are safe in posing, looking good, very open-minded and friendly, so no “bitch”. Sorry J There are great pictures. It was a lot of fun to work with you. The time with you on the set was much too short, but and that counts —- we have reached the goal! Thanks a lot for this. We have invited you for further cooperation and are looking forward to seeing you.

fototeam4you/Heiko Kannenberg, Mittenwalde

Within two days we have been shooting on four very different themes. I was (and am) impressed by your ability to constantly put you in new roles and scenes and postpone each point. Reliable, punctual, friendly and perfectly prepared. I thank you for a very successful two-day shooting!