Vita - Movie / Television / Advertising / Model

Television / Movie

TV production: “Tod in Lübars”
ZDF Docu-fiction
Rolle: Mother of the murdered

TV production: “Dengler”
ZDF TV series
Role: maid

TV production: UFA Serial Drama – “Nachtschwestern” pilot
Role: day role – Surgical nurse

TV production: “Jenseits der Angst”
Role: VIP guest on a fashion show

TV production: “Der Anfang von Etwas”
Role: guest at a commemoration

TV production: “JERKS” Comedy
ProSieben / Maxdome
Role: Wellness guest in a luxurious clinic

TV production: “Killing Eve”
BBC America
Role: Participants “Berlin Life”

Theatrical production “Labradoodles”
Barefoot Films GmbH
Role: Guest at the reunions of the high school

ZDF Enterprises GmbH
Short / Workshop
“Mobile Konnektritis”
Role: Lead Actress “Doctor”

TV production: “Berlin Station” Season 2
Paramound Television, Studio Babelsberg
Role: Guest at a political

Television Production: A strong team
ZDF / UFA Fiction
Role: Medical Examiner

Television production, “counterpart”
Gilbert Films United States
Role: passerby

TV production: “Berlin Station” Season 2
Paramount Television, Studio Babelsberg
Role: employee Opera

Theatrical production: “So much time”
UFA Fiction GmbH
Role: mother of a child

TV production: “For the pursuit too early II – Rich or dead”
Network Movie, Cologne / ZDF
Role: Bank employee

Television Production ZDF Frontal21
Role: representation Meike Schlecker

Advertising / Video

TV-commercial – “wirkaufendeinauto” – TV/Social Media
Producer: Auto1 Group GmbH, Sören Lange, Berlin
Role: customer

TV-commercial – “Welt der Wunder – TV report AMAPUR” – TV/Social Media
Producer: Welt der Wunder Sendebetrieb GmbH, München/ enduria GmbH, Berlin
Role: customer

different commercials “SPARTHERM” – subjects: “Christmas in family” – “Power failure” – “Say yes to love!” – Online/Social Media
Producer: dynamicproduction, Berlin
Role: mother

commercial/Corporate Video “ Marc Adler, MSc. orthodontics” – Homepage/Social Media
Producer: Marc Adler, Berlin
Role: patient

Music video production international
Punkrock-Band „ALEX MOFA GANG“ – „Hinter den Fassaden”
Producer: I LIKE VISUALS, Berlin
Role: taxi driver – actress leading part

Music video production international
Rock-Band „KETTCAR“ – „Palo Alto”
Producer: Thunderberg Films, Berlin
Role: aging actress

Vox Pops Volkswagen AG „E-mobility“ – Online/Social Media
Producer: TeamOn, Berlin
Role: interviewee

Commercial „Sofatutor“ – Online/Social Media
Producer: STOYO Media UG
Role: mother – actress leading part

Music video production international
Hip-Hop Singer „SAM“ – „Da wo Du herkommst”
Producer: Dominik Braz, Berlin
Role: mother

Commercial „LIDL“ – Viral Music Spot
Producer: Bears Calling GmbH
Role: LIDL saleswoman

Commercial „Voodoo“ – Footner-Foot Cream
Producer: Caryzma Media GmbH
Role: secretary – actress leading part

TV advertising – Baustoffshop GmbH (NA-LOG GmbH), Air Date April/May 2018: TV channel DMAX
Producer: pellybay GmbH
Role: girlfriends – actress leading part

Augmented Reality – Jack Daniels, Jaguar Cars
Producer: 3rockar
Role: model/actress

Cinema advertising Berlin and Commercial – McRahmen (Artvera GmbH & Co. KG)
Producer: Data view GmbH
Role: actress

Commercial –
Producer: C3
Role: actress

Commercial – Estate Agents
Producer: Wordliner GmbH
Role: Houseboat owner – actress leading part


KISURA – YOUR Online-Stylist
theme: KISURA advertising campaign 2021 – print advertising Galeria Kaufhof – Homepage: – social media
photo model

German Press Agency
lifestyle shoots
theme: “estate agents”, “rental fee” and “at home”
photo model

Detlev Jansen
lifestyle shoots
theme: “art and music”
photo model

German Press Agency
lifestyle shoots
theme: “office” and “taxes”
photo model

medical journalist André Berger
lifestyle shoots
theme: „sports/fitness“ and „naturopathy“
photo model

ScaleUP GmbH
theme: coaching and service provider
campaign for online advertising
photo model

German Press Agency
lifestyle shoots
theme: “Dental practice” and “garden maintenance”
photo model

Classen Industries GmbH “personnel recruiting”
campaign 2018/2019 for regional transport advertising, print- and online advertising
photo model

Art project ASISI Panometer “Pergamon”
Art exhibition Yadegar Asisi – 360° panorama “Pergamon” for the Pergamon Museum Berlin 2018
photo model

online advertising – campaign 2017
photo model

Photo preproduction with actor Roland Koch
film series “Night Shift” by Lars Becker, ZDF production
photo model

Ford Werke GmbH
print – and online advertising – Presentation Ford SE
photo model

Sedcard extension People / Lifestyle for photographers
Norbert Röder
photo model

Campaign for publishers / Postcards
Martin Gerhardt
photo model / pair Shooting

Campaign for Saxony – poster and print media
Stadtentwässerung Dresden
photo model

Calendar-production on “Film Noir” and “Hollywood”
photo model

German Press Agency
lifestyle, wellness and beauty shoots
photo model